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Jeraldine’s Fitness Journey

Jeraldine Ollervides was born and raised in Houston TX. Since a very young age, Jeraldine has always had naturally thick legs and hips. Because of this, she started struggling with body image and self esteem issues. She always felt social pressure to be thin in order to feel pretty. Jeraldine eventually decided to do everything she could to get skinny. For almost an entire year, she ran every morning and ate very few calories during the day and even though this did result in significant weight loss, it was very unhealthy. Despite her efforts, she could never really get rid of her thick lower body. Instead of feeling better about herself, her desire to achieve an unrealistic body image resulted in even more stress. As years went by, Jeraldine’s fitness goals started changing and went from purely wanting to be skinny to focusing on becoming a healthier and stronger person. She learned that she could not change her genetics and slowly began to embrace her naturally thick and curvy body.

Jeraldine Fitness

At Jeraldine Fitness, we understand that joining a gym can be a difficult and often even a very intimidating decision. Many times the added pressure of being surrounded by men can steer many women away from ever embarking on their fitness journey. Which is why at Jeraldine Fitness, our goal is to create an environment where women of all ages and backgrounds come together to motivate and encourage each other to achieve their fitness goals without feeling the need to conform to a certain stereotype. At Jeraldine Fitness, we strive to build a strong community of women who work together to achieve their goals in an atmosphere that is inviting and friendly.

At Jeraldine Fitness, we believe that fitness is not about being a specific size or shape. It’s about being healthy and more importantly, it is about learning to love yourself and your body. My goal as your trainer is not only to help you lose weight or build muscle. It is to guide you in your journey to a better body, mind, and spirit.

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Whether you want to tighten, tone, or bulk up, it is never too late in your life to join a gym. If you are in Houston and have any questions or would like to sign up for a membership, please give us a call or send us an email. We have helped many women in and around Houston achieve their health and fitness goals, and we would love the opportunity to help you achieve yours!