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Jeraldine Fitness Online Training and Nutrition

Not from Houston? Don’t worry!

If you are not from Houston, or if your schedule does not allow you to train with me, we have something for you too! We understand that sometimes life can get in the way of our health and fitness goals. Work, school, family; All of these things can sometimes hold us back and prevent us from having the luxury of driving to a gym to exercise. But that should not be a reason for you to completely neglect your body! A quick 30 – 45 min workout 5 days a week can have a tremendous impact on your body, especially if it is coupled with a healthy and balanced nutrition. Which is why Jeraldine Fitness now offers online personalized fitness programs and nutrition coaching for anyone interested.

Personalized Fitness Programs

At Jeraldine Fitness, our Personalized Fitness Programs follow the same concepts and foundations as our face-to-face personal training. This is not a one-size-fits-all program. Instead, you will be treated just as if you are a personal training client. We will discuss your current fitness, health, and nutritional habits as well as your age, weight, and body composition to develop a program tailored specifically to fit your goals and help you build a strong feminine body. Your exercise selection will also depend on whether your training will be done at a gym or at home. If you will be doing home training, there will be a list of necessary exercise equipment you will need to invest in but it will be relatively inexpensive. Once your training program is finalized, we will still be available for any questions you might have along the way and we can always revisit your program and make any modifications along the way.

Nutrition Plans

A healthy diet is by far one of the most important aspects of fitness. It is also the primary key to both looking and feeling great! Many people make the mistake of viewing diets as temporary regimens in which you must make yourself miserable by either significantly under-eating or by forcing yourself to eat extremely bland meals. This never works and almost always results in short-lived results. Healthy nutrition should be seen as a complete change in your lifestyle and should be done not only to achieve your aesthetic goals but, more importantly, to maintain a healthy body.

This is all nice to hear but we understand that eating healthy can be difficult if you don’t know much about nutrition. At Jeraldine Fitness, we strongly believe a balanced diet is best achieved by focusing on attaining the proper macronutrient ratios through micronutrient dense foods. Like our Personalized Fitness Programs, our nutrition plans are designed specifically for you and your specific nutritional needs and your personal body goals.


4 Week – 5 Day Home Training Program
Program consists of:
  • 5 Workouts per week
  • 20 Total workouts
Price = $45.00;


4 Week – 5 Day Gym Training Program
Program consists of:
  • 5 Workouts per week
  • 20 Total workouts
Price = $70.00;

*Home training programs will require clients to purchase some essential training equipment. Contact us if you have any questions regarding necessary equipment.

Basic Nutrition Guide
Program consists of:
  • How to set and track your macros guide
  • Initial personalized macros
  • 1 Day Example Meal Plan  

Price = $35.00;
4 Week Macro Coaching
Program consists of:
  • Everything included on Basic Nutrition Guide
  • Weekly progress touchpoint
  • Weekly macro review and modification as needed
  • Recommended Grocery List
  • Planned Re-feed / Cheat Days  
Price = $75.00

Send us an email today and ask about any of our online training and nutrition plans.

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